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Now I am willing to guess that this thread has been posted over a million times but what the hell what inspired you to pick up the bass? family/friends/musicians? blah blah...

In my case it was people like Geddy Lee and Jaco Pastorius and watching what they could do with a piece of wood, four strings, and a bit of skill that got me started...
My fingers were too fat for anything else and my parents wouldn't let me get drums. All my favorite musicians were always bassists anyway and I love being able to step back and lay the foundation with a cool drummer.
My then girlfriend said that bass was the sexiest instrument ever, and would love me forever if I got one. So, I made $200, paid for half of it, with my dad on the other end, and got a Fender Jazz. And, I hated strumming and chord fingering on guitar. :P
i was at a guitar camp, and i was watching one of the guys from my school play bass, h is probably the best in the province. he is nothing less than a prodigy. i got home the next day looked in my wallet, i had been saving for double kicks, and i saw like 500 bucks in my wallet. so naturally i was like oh crap whered i get 500 dollars from.

then the whole corky ramano thing happened and my eyes went wide and "I SHOULD BUY A BASS!"
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It's different, everybody played guitar, and it just seemed cooler then everything else.
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I had tried giutar. Wasn't my thing. One day I was watching a Pink Floyd DVD, and I watched Roger Waters play "Money". He just looked so incredibly cool playing it. And then I said "Thats for me" and I got a bass later that Christmas.
Well, the band scene is starting to kick in. My best friend moved to PA last year and he played guitar. He met a drummer at our school. Naturally, wanting to do something else and be able to add to our band, I decided to play bass. I can't sing, and I don't want to play guitar. There are so many people who play guitar.
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honestly...i remember exactly how it happened....

i was in study hall wit my friend dan. he got a music magizine where u can order **** from.
he was looking at drums and asking me if not drums wat other thing he should get...and i said lap steel guitar cuz i think ben keith is the man wen it comes to lap steel and i just liked the sound of it...ya.....no1 agreed wit me haha
so then hes told me i should pick up bass and that i seemed like a bass player or something
i went home...then acouple of days later i told my parents about it and my dad was trying to talk outa it (which later he told me that he did that to see if i REALLY wanted it cuz i guess he knew i didnt really put much thought into it cuz i brought it up outa the blue) then it was a nonissue for acouple weeks and then my dad told me to get ready and brought me to a music shop cuz the 1 where i live is **** we went a few towns over and i bought a squier P-Bass standard...

i guess it doesnt seem to fit my really mellow....atleast most of the time....and im not exactly the most noticed person in my school..

as soon as i got it i was so happy. i think the first bass line i thought i wanted to learn cuz i wanted to play bass was the opening riff to "tonight's the night" by neil young and crazy horse..

......i never did learn that song come to think of it xD
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Played guitar for 4 years. Picked up drums for a year. Decided I might as well buy a bass, so I've been learning some stuff on that for last couple months.
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friend had drums, another had a guitar, and everyday they'd nag me to buy a bass. eventually I just basically said "FINE..I'LL BUY A F**KING BASS" and I did. we then formed a band and all teh angging paid off
It was me getting out of playing trumpet in marching band. Then I realized it was something I picked up really quickly, and enjoyed immensely. So I've been playing every since. I played guitar beforehand, and have bought a drum set since, but bass is still my calling. Long explanation for something so simple, eh?
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I wanted to join a band, but I didn't have any talent, so I played the bass guitar.

(wait for angry rush to burn down my house and kill my family)

Just kidding fellows. I hate the spotlight, but I love the stage.
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I got stoned and went out and bought one. Woke up and started learning.
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Listening to Stuart Zender on Jamiroquai albums and all the old funk from the 70's, as well as lots of reggae. It took me to the age of 25 to get off my arse and start playing though
As lame as it sounds, Mike Dirnt (I think thats his name) from Green Day when I saw a live clip of them playing "Welcome to Paradise".
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My whole friends group at school all wanted to play guitar. we all started and we wanted to start a band, there was about 7 of us, we had a drummer two guitarists ect, but it hought, i could play bass.........bering in mind i didnt even no wat a bass looked like. Then my teacher passed it me, i was a aged white P-bass, WOW, all the other guitars were black then wen i saw that i wet myself. i have played since.

BTW, the band spilt up after a week, then i started hanging around with the really good band (drum+guitar only). They where playing purple haze and asked whether i could play bass (they said i sounded alrite) and see how it goes. I have been with them since, except we have a new drummer.
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It was listening to the great gnr, thinking "man, they have strength in every field" and due to duffs excellent tone + bass player I picked up bass.

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Im a guitar player, so i started this band , only we couldnt find a bass player so i started programing bass parts with synths and got a pretty good feel for the function of bass in songs. then i decided that the synths werent cutting it so i went out and bought a bass and im still learning to play it but im picking it up very quickly. I dont know if im going to stick mainly to bass or guitar for live stuff though yet.
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Canoodled on acoustic guitar for a few months, was progressing but not as much as I would have liked and I decided to broaden my musical horizons and "increase my hand and finger strength". Since then it's become my main instrument.
well in my school we have to many ****ing guitrists and my mom thinks drums are to loud my sister ahd a bass i asked her if i could ahve it (she quit playing bass) and i fell in love after that
^^^^I know, its ****in sad, why there are so much guitarist wannabies. BASS is the cooler of the two.
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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^^^ so true its amazing and most of the guitarsists suck only the ones that have been playing before we joined highschool are aamzing with a few exceptions
well what got me into bass guitar is that i first played upright bass. you know the really big Bass that is huge and is used to play classic stuff like beethoven and some other composers. so i'm thinking to myself hey how about i also play bass guitar also. and that is how i got into Bass Guitar.
^^^^^^A Double Bass???? My teacher advised me to play it for the school band lol. I said yes, but only if she would buy me one (also if i could keep it ) I really want to have a go on, but cos im a rocker/skaer watever, i walk into the classical bit of the music shop, i ask, and they look me up and down and say no, we arn't allowed to let people play it, even tho 5mins later some 50year with a beard (looks like a composer is playing it lol)
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

70's MOD Jazz->
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mostly because i didnt like guitar, and couldnt afford drums. i never thought about bass until my brother mentioned it. so i got one for chrimbo in 03.
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Nothing really, I just felt "Aww, I wanna play bass" so I got one.. I didn't even know if I'd like it but I did so, I started taking lessons and I'm pretty good now I play drums aswell, I love them both...
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Everyone at school that I know plays guitar/drums and I wanted to be a musician but also wanted to be different. That's the only reason really, but now I've started I've noticed bassists more in bands, and (apart from Mr. Wentz) they're all stand up musicians and very very cool guys. Roger Waters especially grabs my attention at the moment, 'Cos my dad is mad in love with Pink Floyyd.
I got into it because I would watch bass players and they would look so slick playing it. Their fingers sliding up and down the strings producing deep velvety sounds.
I got in to it when my dad just bought me a bass for xmas and it just came natural to me
i basically didnt want to be in the spotlight or whatever, cuz im pretty ugly. and i just think the bass is a feaking awesome instrument anyways.