Drugs by the streetlight

Verse 1
My teeth are grinding
as the worlds unwinding
and im all alone by a streetlight
ive been waitin here
waitin for a miracle
that i know will never come
im alone in this world
because i have failed

the drugs are killing me slowly
im not alive or dead
this talking is killing me
this world is not ready for me
that im now starting to see
myplan in history

Verse 2
the Coke is flowing
it looks like its snowing
and seeing pink elephants in pajamas
sudddnely a door busts open
and i start chokin
and the cops are taking me away
my friends are fighting
but thier scared by the sighting
of the swat team
they point to me
and they say it me
that started the drug flow
but im almost dead


The jail is cold and empty
all my friends are on the streets after saying it was my fault
its like I condemed them for eternity
but it wasent me
that started it
but now i know
i gotta finish it


my body is twitching as the
world stars switchin
all my friends are begging me to get them off
but i yell screw yall
and then i fall back asleep
i may be alone but im clean
for now
and now im by a streetlight
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This is very straight forward (perhaps too much so?), I like the first verse and the chorus is alright but there seems to be somewhat of a degradation in quality from then on. I like what your getting at and the first verse is spot-on but some of it just feels a bit forced to me.