In the part where he says " To increase the midrange, I replaced the stock 1.5K resistor between the base of Q2 and the inductor to a 2.2K resistor. This also helps to smooth out the response between the bass and treble." is he talking about replacing the thing that says "1K5" with this?

and please tell me where (in the picture) is the "stock 470 ohm resistor at the emitter of Q1"

here's "the picture":

so... to do everything in this message, I should need:
http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103629&cp=&origkw=0.022&kw=0.022&parentPage=search (is this the "0.022 uF sweep cap?")

I know absolutely nothing of all this
oh come on it doesn't seem that complicated... someone should know what they're doing, and consequently, the answer to my question... please?
Maybe its a bit of confusion, the Vox wah uses a 470 ohm resistor and the dunlop has the 390 ohm.
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There are 3 transistors, I can't really see which one is labeled Q1. Flatside down, it'd probably be the one on the left of Q1. Flatside up, the one to the right. You really want to check the circuit trace though. It could be a number of resistors on the board, theoretically.
The value is sometimes 390 and sometimes 470...I've heard both values mentioned extensively.

And dude, just use color codes to figure it out...they're there for a reason.

There is a thread here with this exact mod done, I started it. Just search crybaby mod or something. It has board pics too.
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