not a whole song yet and the solo is squeaky but how is it otherwise without the off beat problems? it was pretty much just a song made on the spot in 10 minutes but i thought it was cool purevolume.com/microfiber
Interesting dissonance you got going on there in the beginning.

The drum quality is not very good, the fills came out fuzzy, but the drummer sounds pretty good. Even though he lost time a few times.

Guitarist has nice speed and nice riffs. Just needs to work on accuracy. There were a few bum notes and I think he was out of tune?

If you're going to jam, you should have a bass or rhythm guitar playing behind you too.

The ending was pretty cool with the stop time.

Overall, I think you have a cool riff and a nice jam structure, you just need some bass to fill in the holes.

Crit mine please?

your link wasnt valid if u see this again u could give me a good one? and thanks for the crit
Eh, not bad, the fills were a little shakey on the drums... and on your solo you went off scale a few times and was a little sloppy, even though it still has a lot of potential because those are easy things to work out in a few practices.

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