Hey my band is going to cover "That Was A Crazy Game of Poker" this weekend and I don't want to learn the lead guitarists part note for note. It seems like it is an A Minor Pentatonic but it does branch off into things that are not part of the normal scale. Could somebody please help me with improvising this song. Thanks.
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maybe aeolien scale?

Minor Pentatonic


reds are notes that can be played in either place

minor pentatonic scale is just notes taken from aeolian

i think
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This is a hard concept for people to grasp... follow the chords. Forget about the scale, and play to the damned music.
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I would suggest just improvising and following the chords but, how can you be so lazy as to not learn the lead part to one song for the cover?
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Yea really thanks tenacious me. But have you seen the lead part? It's an 8 minute song. Plenty of solos. I memorized some of it but I just didn't want to be so constricted. Yea Corwinoid...theory be damned I'll just play to the chords thanks for the constructive post. Sorry I just wanted to know what scale it was . A Minor Pentatonic it is then.
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