Verse 1
i guess its my time
and i guess you dont care
youve finally found a heart that was true
but you broke it all the same
i gave you all the things you wanted, but you threw them
in my face
and since then,its been hard to move on
but ive found away to get away from here....
Im dying slowly
im gonna give myself up
im crying slowly
the tears like raindrops on a mountain
i leaving slowly
my life has no meaning without you
Verse 2
im left alone
to think about you
my freinds have,they tried to help me
but they failed
im gonna give myself up to the man upstairs
im pretty sure he'll accept me
verse 3
i saw you yesterday
laughing with your friends
you looked at me
and then you turned away
hurrying to place that i dont exist
i stood there waiting for something to happen
to no avail
ive torn my hair out and left my heart on my sleeve
still you seem to leave
my life when ever you please
and its killing me slowly
and crying slowly own my own shoulder
because nobodys there to comfort me
chorus and outo together
im dying slowly
(im dying slowly)
Im crying slowly
(im crying slowly)
On my own shoulder

The ( ) means the background vocals are singing
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Hmmmm... well, this wasn't bad. It was kind of cliche, but a lot of that depends on how you play it, I think. In a couple of places, the rhythm got a little messed up, but nothing major. I'd give this a 3 or 4 out of 5.

If you can get around to it, I'd like a crit : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=397858
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im gonna give myself up to the man upstairs
im pretty sure he'll accept me

kinda emo dont you think...i would have to hear music for it to know if it flows well but just reading it it doesn't flow to good.....other than that it's good...crit mine?