i have a halfstack cab. I want to refinish it. It has a textured finish, almost like drops of paint, but not. I can get pics but it will be a day or two. I want to repaint the grill and the entire box, taking the speakers out to do that, and the corner pieces too. Matte or gloss? Krylon work ok? Any tips or ideas? I'm thinking just plain black but if anyone has any cool ideas, even something like mounting lights in it or something....it's a smiple close back cab, no porthing or nuthin.
If you can see through the grill to the speaker, it'd be cool to get some of that really thin neon wire and run it around your speakers so that when you turn it on they glow.
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Yeah, it's a metal grille, you can see through easily. I don't want to put it around my speakers, I'd look like a ricer, but maybe the edge of the front? hm....