Man means guy singing girl means girl singing

Verse 1 (girl
wrapping things up
is the hardest part
putting things up
is the worst part
broken hearts
are the hardest to mend
and the pain
is hard to pretend

Chrous (man)
Drop this heart of mine
i dont give a ****
go ahead and lie
I loved you for too long
and sacrificed for so long
put aside my entire life for you
love is not a battlefied
love is not a weapon

Verse 2 (girl)
Put aside these feelings and love me once more
put this aside and forgive me please
I love you and always will
please stay with me so my heart can be still
please forgive me!!!!

Verse 3 (Man part)
I've always loved you but i can fight this pain
and i have nothing to gain
i knew i loved you but you didnt love me
or you wouldnt of cheated on me


Bridge (Man part and girl part, every other line girl)
ive loved you forever
im so sorry please forgive me
no its too late im done
no please come back i can change
no you cant ive treid way to many times
im sorry im done i love you goodbye


Outro (girl)
im lost and cold
all left alone
its my oen fault hes gone
and i cant forget him
im gonna move on and live my life
i gotta move on...

Kinda strange i know but i like it
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i really like this one..idk what it is, but i like it..... keep on keepin on.... cool how you broke it up between guy and girl....i tried that once but was unsuccesful...
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