I really enjoy seeing tbs covers and I was really impressed that you attempted the vocals at the right key/octave (unlike many covers on here). And I really love this song. You really did seem to capture the sound they have for the acoustic on this song. The chords were all right. The quality was very good. And your voice made a pretty good fit for the song.

The first thing I noticed is that the strumming pattern was off... you're accenting the wrong beats and stumbling around a little. And the vocals were out of time at the beginning and pretty badly flat most of the time... from listening I'm sure you can hit all those notes, but you probably need to train your ear to hear it, and your voice so that you can have more control.

All in all I liked it and it was cool to hear. I would have liked to hear something emulating the xylophone because some of the breaks were a little empty without it, but that's just my personal preference. I'm sure this experience will make you a better player/singer, and please keep it up and make more covers. I look forward to listening.
yeah the vocals were pretty bad, i'm only telling you because i think you should know that you are not ready to play in front of your friends to try and impress them. You also need to work on playing and singing at the same time, thats why the guitar strumming is a little off as the guy above said. It is a really hard thing to do so keep practicing. You should be able to hear how off your vocals are and if not, then you need to train your ear to recognize how off they are, thats the only way you'll figure out how to fix them, until then, practice somewhere where no one can hear you. Cool song choice.
Whatever you did for the xylophone makes me laugh for some reason, but that's in a good way(I'd kinda like to know what it is... is it guitar or what?).

It definitely has improved. Fewer vocal mishaps, the most obvious thing is that it starts out much closer to key. The vocals however are still far from perfect but it's good to see that you're starting to hear where you're off and correct it. Experiences like this will make you a better singer guaranteed.

The accents on the strumming were still off in most places but oddly enough they were right in others (the pattern is 1! + 2 +! 3 + 4! +a I don't know if that is the right notation but the accents are the ones that has exclamation marks) so maybe you're catching on.

Like I said, there was a noticable improvement. Keep focusing on the basics and try to always be aware of your playing or singing. It's amazing how much better you can sing when you're really concentrated on your pitch and controlling your voice. Oh and if you're looking for a challenge as far as TBS... learn new american classic (more impressive to play but easier to sing).
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New american classic was the first song i learned how to play on guitar. I can't do the double vocals so that's why I haven't attempted it. The xylophone was my electric guitar ran through some effects, gave it a weird watery sound.
yeah it is better, the guitar is a little slow and off tempo at the start of the song but once you get going it cleans up. and the xylophone thing wasnt the right effect and you play it too fast and not with the music, but the notes sounded like they could be really great there with the right tone. keep practicing the vocals, especially the "make it real" part.