I recently got a Big Muff fuzz and it is awesome. But in order to get a good sound from it, I have to turn the tone all the way up and it is too much tone. But if i turn the tone nob down just a little bit, I get a sound like if u turn the tone down just a little bit u get a sound like there is no tone at all. I took it to my guitar teacher and put in his amp and he set the tone to about half way and it sounded really good and punchy. If anyone could help me with this problem i would really appreciate it. I am using a Fender 25r amp.
What amp does your teacher have? And you've probably got different EQ settings so the tone knob will act differently on another amp.

And if it sounds good at a high tone setting, why is this a problem?
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Hmmm... Do you have it through any other pedals?

I put my built 4uzz Face through my Korg Toneworks modeller, and on the 3rd fuzz, the volume and fuzz/gain controls, controlled the gain and with both on full, I would get feedback, and you could only hear the fuzz a little bit when playing. When I adjusted more, I got a cool synth sound. When I plugged straight into the amp, or through my other built pedals, it was normal again.
My guitar teacher has some little Gorilla tube amp. the other pedals i have are Boss Blues Driver, Boss Phase shifter, Digitech Whammy, and Vox wah.
yes i do. I got it between the Blues Driver and the WhammY Pedal. i found that if i turn the amp down to like 1 and 1/2, and turn the tone about halfway it sound exactly how I want it, but it is too quiet. I put my amp up loud and it sounds more clean than fuzzy.