When I try to play solos, I cannot get the notes to sound when you I have to do multiple hammer/pull offs. Such as

--14 16 14--

Play the 14, hammer 16, pull off back to 14

I can usually get the 16 to sound but not the 14 when I pull off. Do you have to hammer on harder, or pull off faster?

I'm using ****ty Behringer V-Tone starter pack.
Try pulling off faster, try turning the amp up.

If it doesnt work, instead of playing 14h16p14, play 14h16-14

Just play it without the pulloff if you cant get it.
you need to sort of yank your finger off the string to re sound it. its almost like you are plucking the string again. if you practice it it should get easier.
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Yeah Trapman is right, you have to pull your finger towards the floor and lightly "snap' it off so that you get the string vibrating again. Simply lifting your finger off will produce a very dull sound if any at all