What's your favourite Maiden song, and also, what's good for someone [me] who wants to start learning some good harmonizing riffs, with an easy[ish] solo by them?
The Trooper. Easy, classic.

And if you know anything about theory. Harmony is usually Thirds.
well, hallowed be thy name and the trooper are pretty easy. the solos arent though. basically all iron maiden solos are hard as hell, for me at least, but the main riffs and other stuff are pretty easy to catch on to. again, hallowed be thy name and the trooper are pretty easy to start off with.hallowed be thy name gets quite difficult though. i dunno any other songs, maybe run to the hills. theyr popular songs are usually fairly easy. i dunno if it helps
Aces High
2 Minutes to Midnight
The Trooper
666 the number of the Beast

All these songs have pretty easy rhythm parts with busy solos. Grea songs.
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Rime of the Anceint Mariner, Invaders, Flight of Icarus, Losfer Words, Weekend Warrior, Still Life, 22 Acacia Avenue, Judas Be My Guide, Fear of The Dark, Iron Maiden, Killers
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Damn, why does no one like rainmaker? its the best song my Iron Maiden IMGo

It's a commercial scheme for the masses. It's poppy, it's too short, it's too simply build up for a Maiden song, and boy did that video suck balls. I mean, what? Nicko in baggy pants? Gers wearing round Ozzy-style shades and a beanie? Come on!

As to the TS, Transylvania and Phantom of the Opera are both very good classics, as are NotB, Children of the Damned and... well, numerous others. Maiden just rocks, if you hear a sick harmony, it's probably just easy as hell. That's what makes them so good.
Pfft...noobs, Sign of the Cross is the biggest masterpiece in the history of metal followed by Rime of the ancient Mariner and the Clansman.

By the way there's a huge Iron Maiden thread in the Metal forum...go there
i can play the trooper except the solo, learnt half of it and sped it up to normal speed on GP and the solo was to fast to play at full speed ... one day though
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maiden songs are awesome for their solo's but their lyrics make me puke. but i guess it can't be perfect, afterall their guitar solo's are pretty damn awesome.
I think their lyrics work. At least more than SOAD's.
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I think their lyrics are great 2, thats just one of the great things about maiden, they tell story's
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yer i liek the fact that they tell a story, my only problem with their lyrics is the predictability, but i guess it's cause i'm just getting in to them and i like to be suprised by lyrics a bit, i guess their strenght of originality lies more with their guitar soloing.
If you wanna learn some maiden solos, look back to the X-factor and Virtual XI albums. when Janick first came to the group he kept the solos fairly simple.

As for just songs. damn near anything. But I warn you, im alwasy dissapointed when i play maiden without a drumemr/bassist cause there is always something missing and it feels like im shaming the name maiden

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Has been loads mentioned already, but The Trooper. Awesome intro riff, solo isnt too shabby either
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The Trooper
And Transylvania......I can't remember if it had a solo though.........but it's good anyways.
iron maiden are gods on earth
ive got every one of there songs except for a few which are elusive......none of them are really let downs
ive always had 2 minutes to midnight in a special place in my heart since it was the first of their songs i heard and it turned me on to my fav band.....plus its kinda gruesome
hallowed be thy name has riffs that are soo catchy. try that
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They have **** loads of good stuff, IMHO a under-rated classic by them is "Afraid to shoot strangers". Great build up and when it finally kicks in I wanna cry with delight at the beautiful harmonies, then when it REALLY kicks in I wanna smash **** up.

So good.