ive done this so many times -_-

what style of music do you play

(i see wht i got on peoples nerves)
and amp? and arlabester you say havent done it so many times so stop complaining. and ESP dont make m-400 they made the M-II. otherwise i would say the LTD M-400 but dunno know about the trem
ESP m-400 is with trem, ESP m-400 LTD is without trem I believe. I saw your other thread saying you play deathmetal so either guitar is good actually....just go try them out and see which suits you more, but they both more than well qualify.
Ok, I don't know how this thread lasted so long without this response: How could you possibly be considering either a 650 dollar guitar, and a 2,000 dollar guitar at the same time. Regardless of style, the jackson will undoubtedly blow the living crap out of the ltd, and I'm a bigger fan of ltd than jackson in general. A better question would be: what's better: an esp horizon custom, or a a jackson soloist? Those are comparable guitars, your first question is basically void due to the enorumous price difference.