Ok, I'm going to my cottage in a couple of weeks and the amp that we have is battery powered because there is no electricity up there. Only problem is, it has no distortion. Now, I have a silver Dragon distortion pedal except, it needs to be plugged into an outlet. So basically, is there any way I can rig up something that will let me plug my pedal into the amp and have it feed off a battery at the same time. I'm willing to build it from scrap if it needs to be done, i'm pretty good with little electric components and what not. So anyone have an idea?
doesnt your dist. pedal have alittle compartment in the back that lets u put in a 9v battery? i mean even the cheapest ones have that, if not, what u do is head down to radio shack, and they sell this thing where u fill it with those big D batteries and its like an outlet, and u just plug into it

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I'll chekc to see if it has that. How long do they last with 9v?
Well, the pedal takes a 13 volt adaptar and as far as I can tell it doesn't run on a 9 volt battery.
What about a behringer distrtion pedal? I don't think my local shop has any dane electro or any other cheap ones.
Sure, go for it. Then you can sell it when you get back, or keep it as your travel pedal.

EDIT: Better idea. Use it in your travel. Then when you get back, get a kit for a distortion pedal that's better. Take out the electronics of the Behringer then stuff the guts of the kit pedal in it.
I just bought the behringer pedal, now I don't have any ****en batteries so I don't know what it sounds like. Oh well.
Nah, my dad can just take em from work so i'll just wait for him to get them.