The song title is Without, basically it's me exploring my delay pedal. I also kept guitar overdubs to a max of one overdub at a time. No vocals yet, sadly.


p.s. I will be away until saturday, but rest assured I will crit when I return!
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good god, i love delay!!!! that is very tom morello-ish and i love it, it would be great if you could explain me how to do things like that/your settings, i love trippy stuff like that, anyway, i love it, change absolutely nothing, good harmonizing, good backing, all in all its great, keep up the good work!

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The intro is SOOOO good.

It's probably not even complex, but it sounds complex as hell.

At times the delay makes your playing sound out of time.

But that light airy riff is cool as hell.


You're really really good!

The pentatonic part is cool too.

A little repetitive though it's alright though because the main melody is one of the cooler things I've heard on this forum.

Crit mine please?

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

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At times the delay makes your playing sound out of time.

Yeah, I figured out the delay time wrong for some parts of the recording, so I may need to rerecord those.
(Slightly outdated) Electronic and classical compositions by m'self: Check 'em out
Wow, strange song. Very unique sound - don't think I've really heard anything quite like this in all my years of listening to music =D

Cool "riffs", have a nice light, airy feel to them. Kind of reminds me of corny video game music

Sweet drum track, too - did you make it?

Basically awesome music, though I can't really see myself listening to too much of this without getting a headache =D

Crit for crit?
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Sweet drum track, too - did you make it?

Made it using fruity loops. Sometimes I get a little carried away with the fact that I'm not limited like a normal drummer, lol.
(Slightly outdated) Electronic and classical compositions by m'self: Check 'em out
Man I like this it sounds like something I'd listen to if there were some good vocals in there... I like the bass line along with the happy-toned lead with all that delay haha. Nicely done i must say.

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Maybe it's just me (cos I've got some kind of obsession with distortion) but the tone lacks something, should have more punch or somethin like that. The delay is perfect and so are the harmonies. Good bass and good drums. Now I'm listening to the solo... which is cool and original enough. Like I already said, the tone needs something more, but it could just be my taste.

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The drum intro is awesome. Definately a summer time song. It trades between the video game music feel to traditional upbeat riffage. I'm not playing this where I can see the time, but about 4/5th's of the way through there is a very nice solo. I wish I could add more, but this area of music is not my speciality.
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Wow that's some great shit!

I really like the bright and happy vibe this song has. Now all you need are some lyrics, and voila! A Top 40 hit song!

EDIT: If you could critique my song, it would be greatly appreciated:

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