for some schematics on how to build a harmonizer/octave pedal. I used to have a lot fo those sites saved, but not anymore. Btw, are these challenging to build?
I don't need a link to find my own link. I need a direct link. To a site. With the schematics.
Hahahahahha search them yourself lazy bum bum
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go to tonepad.com, they have a couple of octave pedals.

They show the relative difficulty level of each one. It depends, might be harder is you've never done it before. But not too hard.
I did search myself before I posted this but I couldn't even think of keywords, all the ones I typed it lead me to unfamiliar sites. I used to have some awesome sites saved. ****. I think I may just buy one, is the one that's in the digitech whammy pedal any good?