I've finaly decided to come clean
And honestly admit defeat

I can't help but think that I'm lying to myself and you
Every time I tell you the truth
Is I only asked to say goodbye

But you find a way
To reintroduce yourself
Like a revolving door I wish would shut
And split us up

I am no more an athlete then you are a bird
And these circles we keep creating in hopes
Of one day breaking out are becoming
More tired then the words we use to converse

You stumble over my sentences and I race
To get out of this conversation

I need freedom in the form of not knowing I exist
And I gave you a chance to win long after
We both called it quits.
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Righteous. It's easy to tell what this song means. I think it's about finally realizing that your relationship is done for, and finally letting go. It flows great, good work.

Crit mine?
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Seinfeld: The Video Game

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Ahhh, good stuff. I would love to critit more, but I'm kinda tired

Yeh, I liked it. Nice job.