So I have this thing on MySpace that is some of my Trance/Techno/Electronica/Experimental/Whatever music.

Alot of it is Rough Drafts and just little experiments but I think it's ok for it not being 100 percent final.

Check it out and stuff.


*Edit: I Wait By The Sea and Pure You are the contenders. Listen to them if any.
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....wait theres no link
I dig it, and its a nice change from alot of stuff usually on this site, I think they are quite interesting, but sometimes a bit short on ideas, and a bit like uve used a simple idea and milked it, but other times theres lots of good changes and use of quiet and loud parts and it does mostly sounds pretty good, what have you used to make these?

and crit back if u could
Doood, the melody in the beginning of I Wait By The Sea is sick.

And I love the synth tone, what is it? Like a celesta or something?

You should specify two songs that you want people to listen to though or else the mods will get mad I think.

What program do you use to make this?

Is it Reason by any chance?

The melody in Caught In Suspension is good, if a little corny .

Pure You sounds like a really good dance song.

Until The End would sound cool with some girl singing crazy high over it.

Really nice job on all this stuff, they sound like final drafts to me.
Yes I also like Wait By The Sea. The drum track in it is a bit too load though, it distracting when trying to chill to the nice synth and backround noice. I like this part with the chimes a bit better, the ocean sounds add a nice effect. It's pretty easy to just lose yourself in. Cool stuff.

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i wait by the sea: i like that ocean/wind noise in the background.. adds some nice ambience. seemed to me like you should have added some fills in the drum part instead of just having the same beat play for half a song (gets kinda repetitive). other than that really liked the overall feel and concept of the song.. good job dude
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sorry it took so long,
listening to i wait by the sea....its awesome, nice tecno beat, i like the bell melody and the sea effects, i like the synth line, all in all its really good, nice work

listening to pure you now, like how the bass, and the bess drum fits in the intro, once it gets going it has a nice beat, i like the other synth thing, when it goes into that other part, IMO it needs like a thundering (matrix reloaded underground dance cave party scene style) drum part, it seemed a little plain, i would say maybe 6-7/10, just spruce up that one part and you will be fine

now i am listening to caught in suspension, it sounds similar to the one before, kinda repetitive, i like the new line at around 1:40 its good, you just need some variation

now i am listening to the last one, its trippy, i like it, nice hihat part, this is the variation i like, but i am not a big fan if the line at 1:08 or the one at 1:23, keep it with the upbeat one like the one at around 2:04, keep it with that stuff, you just need a more powerful beat during that part..overall not bad, you dont have to crit, but if you want to listen to my techno you can
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wait by the sea sounds pretty badass. I'm not usually into techno and stuff, but this is pretty dang cool. I like the background water on the beach sound. Pretty cool, makes it different from the rest of the stuff on here. Pretty dang cool. I like it, (thats tough for techno to do with me, so good job! ) lol

mine - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=408712