This song originally did not have a solo, so I decided to add one for a challenge. This is my second solo to write, so it's not perfect... Anyways, looking for crits on anything. I will gladly check out your work if you leave a comment asking for me to do so. Thanks!

Nice intro, and the chord progression is really mellow and relaxing. The vocals seemed a little off key at times and some of the words kind of sounded forced into the melody (might have just been the singer's style), but that was about all I could find wrong with the performance.
I like your beatles covers, they do justice to the originals but have your own things added into them. Good rhythm guitar stumming especially, the lead got better as the song went on.
Pretty good job. Fills could have been better I suppose. The multitracked vocals are a nice touch. TBH I thought the solo was pretty poor...especially for being written...It just didn't stand out at all. Would have been nicer without the solo IMO...
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I think the solo could use some work. It started out with inspiration, but towards the end I just got stuck with how to end it. I probably should have waited a bit instead of forcing out the last part where it goes out of rhythym.