Alrite, so i didn't know where to put this. I also doubt anyboy will care anways but i'm curious if their's anyone here familiar with a genre of music called "krautrock" (yes, it's german). If you don't know what krautrock is i'll try to sum it up for you. It's basically the german equivalent of acid rock, more experimental and very unique. It reached it's peak around the early 70's and had quite a large following. Can was the most promenant band to emerge from this scene but others include Faust, (early) Kraftwerk, Neu!, Popol Vuh, and Amon Duul II. Feel free to discuss!

And check this out
Damo is as cool as you can get
The Can's Monster Movie and Future Days are awesome

but then again those are the only 2 albums i have. i shall buy tago mago and ege bamyasi soon though

ah how i love experimental music
My Spanish Hearts
^ 'Ege bamyasi' is a must have if you're a Can fan.


Although its just German prog music so the shred/prog forum would work, I think the other forum is better suited.
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