I have been playing guitar for almost a year...I know I am not very good as I am slated by everyone who listens, but I carry on. After months of practising Ive Wonderwall sorted and even my detractors are liking it. So now I am moving on and want to learn a new song.

Ive got an Mp3 of American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Weak Acoustic...now what I would like help with is figuring out the strumming pattern, Wonderwall was easy.
What is the best technique or method to use to figure it out?

Any help will be greatly appreciated...
this is only my opinion .... ,, the way i think .. you dont have to strum exactly like the band playing the song . you just have to feel it and let your hand strum. you dont want to be just going through the motions , you want to feel the music and just let it flow .
like for example , i had a friend that would be trying to figure out the exact stumming and everything to a song.. he would ask me to help him out with it .. he would tell me the chords and i would just start strumming away naturally.. he would be like .. "sweet so ,, its down , down , up , down, up, down ,, bla bla ." and im like i dont know man just listen to it and let your hand play .. maybe it just comes natural to me ? i dont know . but i can just feel it
Pork's right, you cant play it exactly as the band does, make it your own. Anyway whats the fun of learning a song off by heart 100%? You might as well learn the dictionary. I would just get the basic strumming pattern and then mess around with it, just enough so the song is still recognisable. Maybe even go further, like listen to Ryan Adams version of wonderwall to see what I mean. Just go with the flow....