im having trouble with changing from chord to chord right now. any excercises that can help me out please?
play a song with chords, not tabs. with the chords u are having trouble with. then u play in time to the song on the cd. if ur not good yet when u force yourself to try to keep up with the record you will get quicker.
the only thing that can solve that is practice
i'd suggest you to find chords for a song you know very well, then practice by playing what's written, just try again and again, 'cause that's what it takes!
and know that it never gets easier to play new chords! if you see someone that changes chords just on his reflexes, he's done it 100 times before!
when i started, I made a scheme for myself like this: D to E, D to F, D to G and so on
good luck
I would also recommend "playing through the changes", I teach this in order for my students to keep the correct rhythm while changing between chords.
Its very common for beginners to accurately play the correct strumming pattern for one chord, stop, finger second chord and then play again...........Dont do this,
Dont stop playing the rhythm, if it takes five minutes to change between chords play open strings for those five minutes, this will fill in any gaps and make the change less noticable!
listen to corwin, he knows whats up yo!!! i had the same problem in the beginning (oh so many moons ago) and did basically what he suggested and it's silk now.