hey i did a Seether's-Broken cover with out the lyrics i just want to see if im playing the guitar right. any comments and advice will be greatly appreciated. thank you

get better recording equiptment...its hard to hear......if you have acoustic electric, just plug into pc...not bad though

take a look at mine and lemme know what you think

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you need a 1/4" inch jack into an 1/8" jack. Radio shack sells the adapters, they are are really cheap...then just run a cable form the guitar to the input to ur pc.....load up a audio editing program, and get to it......simple as that....alot of people will say it doesnt sound good, but trust me, its alot better than a ****ty mic...also, i use a foot pedal to tweak the sound.....
...Why do you keep pausing? Other than that it's not bad. Just record it better.
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The chord progression throughout the entire song is Cmajor Eminor.. dont know how you could **** that up like you did.. lol :/