Don't know if this should go here but I've just been playing through a lot of wolfmother songs and playing the same licks over and over to get them up to speed and accuracy and now my fretting fingers ache in the joints. What am I doing wrong? I REALLY dont want to develop arthritis so is there anything i should be doing to stop the ache from happening?
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Arthritis is really only a concern for 30+. I dont know how old you are but, warm ups, playing consistently, and not cracking your knuckles all help if it is a concern.

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not cracking your knuckles

Cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis.

Make sure you're warming up. Try some chromatic scales to get warm.
there's a lot of warm up tabs on this site, do a search for 'warm ups' and then practice those before you play. And if they start to hurt, stop playing and give them time to heal.
Arthritis is a type of RSI and can be developed through improper technique.

Warm up, take a video of yourself doing the playing, check for errors.

Make sure you stretch every moving part properly for at least 10 minutes before practicing.

Rest every 10 minutes for around 2 minutes.

Arthritis is a concern for 30+ :P, so don't worry