Hey there guys, it's me once again with a noobish question;

About 6 months ago i tried my friend's Zoom Fire-30 and loved its clean tones(with some effects, it's no.3 in the clean presets, btw) it sounded so much like Opeth's guitars clean tones. Which is lovely.

My friend's in another country and i can't contact him, at the time i had his amp i was a total noob and didn't even intend to get one. So i couldn't tell if there even was a hum. besides, i played very quiet volumes.

BUT i heard about the buzzing problems (or was it huimming? Please confirm if it's hum or buzz) and since i never played through his amp on high volumes i didn't notice anything. But now i'll play with high volumes, so it matters.

Now for an amp with that low price for quality ratio (compared to alot we don't have here in egypt) i'm really tempted to ignore the buzz/hum if it's not too killer, since i don't mind noise that much. Tell me if it's that noticeable/destructive to the music.

Also (and more importantly) : If i just set it to bypass it's own effects and use my multi-effect, will there be any hum/noise? I mean, is the hum related to the built in overdrive, or is it just present regardless?

If it's present all the time, and too noticeable, is it better than a 30W crate amp? (ii dunno what model number) .. Please don't suggest other brands because all we have here are : Starfire, Leem, Zoom and Crate.

thanks in advance ^_^ (Also; i did do a search and didn't come up with a definitive answer to wether the buzz/hum is OD/effect related or present even if you bypass effects, so please answer me that !)
There's no point of buying the amp if you're not going to use its effects.

It's basically a Zoom multi FX pedal and an amp combined, my mate used to have one, sounded like crap. Really thin sounding.
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Have you tried playing louder to see if it does hum or are you just trying to find out? and also are you worried about your guitar humming or your amp?

If you are playing with humbuckers there will be none, or close to it. If you are playing single coils you will get some, although i quite like the sound from single coils .

If it is humming, however isnt your guitar you might want to turn your reverb down a little. Hum has nothing to do with built on overdrive. It is produced with single coils, however humbuckers have two coils parralel (i think there parralel) and they cancel the sound out. hence the name 'hum-bucker'
Big al .. The Zoom Fire has a known buzz/hum issue.. I know about guitar hum mate =) ..

R H C P.. : I don't know why i need an amp mate, maybe cuz i need to get some output from the guitar? I really think it's not pretty loud on its own. =P

Seriously, i know this sounds weird, but i want a good amp (from the crappy selection i mentioned) to well, get some sound off my guitar, it sounds great with the Zoom 707II's MT 7th patch, over any amp i played, so i really don't want anything in an amp except for it to have a speaker powerfull enough, and suited for playing metal. The effects i will get from my 707, which i'm very satisfied by for now. The clean effect's tone on the Fire amps is killer, believe me, i love it, it sounds almost like a strat (Unrivalled in clean tone imo)

Now PLEASE tell me if the buzz/hum is present if i don't use the built-in effects..?
Ahh now i see what your saying, well i dunno havnt played with it so cant help u mate.
Quote by MustaineV

R H C P.. : I don't know why i need an amp mate, maybe cuz i need to get some output from the guitar? I really think it's not pretty loud on its own. =P

What I meant is, why buy an amp with all them effects on when you're not going to use them? Seems a bit of a waste really.

And the buzz/hum might be already present, but the multi FX might enhance it more as it's effecting the signal and adding more gain/processing the signal, happens in a lot of amps.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
The Zoom Fire-30 sells for roughly 120 bucks here, which is the cheapest non-****face price you can pay for a 30+ watt amp, it's of good value regardless of wether or not i use the effects, and DID YOU NOT read the alternatives? They sucks compared to Zoom, don't they? If they're all priced closely i think i can afford the luxury of dumping the built-in effects, the Auto-wah is very sweet though, i played surfin' with the alien on it and it sounded perfect.
I have a Zoom Fire 30 and yes there is a buzz/hum there but for practice for me it is accectable. The built in FX are great, although if you are used to more "non digital" sounds they may sound a little fake, but hey at the price of the amp I am not complaining! I also got the pedal for the amp which is great. In the future I will get something better but whilst I am still learning it is great for my needs.