I'm considering buying one of the muffs.
My local store only stocks the NYC muffs. So i don't have the chance to compare em.
I like the NYC. Really nice sound. Can anyone find me some samples of the Sovtek version? So I can get some idea.
And give me any info about them in comparison.
I've got a Russian Big Muff, and I owned a USA one a while ago, the USA one is way too over the top, and the Russian one is more tweakable to me, and sounds just how I want it to.

Go to another shop and try the Russian Muff, see what you think.
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I would but there aren't any more music shops that stock anything beyond Marshall MGs and Squire Bullets unfortunately. I'll try and get into the town center and see what they have their.
sucks dude,

but the EH Russian stuff rules, its not point to point or anything, but IMO i think the quality is better and they just seem a bit more sturdy
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click the link in my sig. theres a cover of little sister by qotsa using my russian big muff pi.
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Sounds really nice. Harsher.

Do you get feedback with it if you crank the gain? My guitars not potted/sheilded see.
I like Sovtek better. They are a more vintage/full sounding pedal. The NYC one is a little more overpowering. It kind of burries your notes and playing. I think that you're better off to wait and get the Sovtek one if that's what you're after. Also, the Dunlop Classic Hendrix Fuzz pedal sounds pretty good, and might be easier to find. It kind of reminded me of the Sovtek Muff when I played it (although, it was a bit less tweakable).
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I've heard that the Russian muff is a bit more harsh than the USA made one which tends to be a bit smoother but also has a bit less note definition.
Hmm seems like more people like the Russian Muff, that never usually happens...

Anyway, I was just playing mine, and it's just amazing sounding, and I use an overdrive pedal as a booster aswell, sounds even better/fuzzier.
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