Hi everyone
I'm looking for a new amp, and right now I'm thinking of a Rocktron Vendetta with a cab or a Engl savage 120 without cab. Which do you think is best?
For the rocktron with cab I would have to pay about 1500€ and for the Engl about 1200€, (they're used amps). I was thinking of buying the Engl but then I still need to buy a cab and I won't have much money left then( about 150€ )
What do you guys think is the best choice?
Greetz Wouter

PS I play everythin, from jazz to metal, I'm in a metal band but I have an TS808 so I don' think that there will be much problems witrh the disto)
engl. i haven't heard the rocktron but the engl amazes me.
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ok thanx I think I'll probably take the engl, but perhaps I will first try out both of them, to be sure.
ENGL has a great reputation for being versatile and reliable tube amps. They also have amazig tone (although, a little bright for my taste). Rocktron isn't as renound a company (they're more known as a pedal company than they are for their amps). I would say that the ENGL is deffinately the better choice.
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ENGL, but definately try them.
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lol that's not even hard.

engl = pure pwn. i had the 530 pre. loved it but my poweramp kept crapping out kinda