I have found a fairly decent lawsuit ibanez based on the Gibson EDS 1275. It is about 30 years old, and seems to be in pretty good condition. I haven\'t played it yet, or any 12/6 doubleneck guitar, just wanted to get some information about them so I can decide whether a double neck guitar is worth buying. Buying strings for the 12 string neck, are single packs of the 12 strings twice as much as regular, or more, or less? Is the body too wide to practise any other way than standing (I am assuming it is).

My guitar at the moment weighs about 2lbs less than this model it is already pretty heavy (it weighs more than a les paul), and I am used to it, should it be much of an adjustment? Also, I already play standing up with the strap very loose, as low or slightly lower than jimmy page, so I think I should be comfortable reaching the lower neck. Last thing, this guitar is alpine white, not heritage cherry (which would have been my first preference) but I decided a long time ago that when buying used I wouldn\'t let finish color weigh too much in on the decision (unless it was pink or was something like a korn or good charlotte signature model). Last thing, I was just wondering what the general opinion on double neck guitars are. Tom Morello and Jimmy Page\'s performances with them impressed me enough to consider one, before that I thought they were always a cheesy 80s gimmick and I hated them. Is that still the general opinion for non guitar players?
If you have extra money around, the doubleneck is awesome.

The strings will still be less than bass strings, so don't complain bitch.

The Epiphone 1275 Custom is great. It plays very comfortably, I reached the 12 string neck very nicely, and the 6 string neck with relative ease (A bit tough on the higher register, but a bit more time would fix it). I played it sitting.

If the price is right, rock on.
Yeah, I saw the epiphone double neck but I heard a lot of bad things about it, somebody mentioned it is OK once you replace the pickups, once you replace 4 humbuckers? I think I will go in and try one so I will know what to do when I go to the store with the ibanez.
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The Epiphone 1275 Custom is great.

I couldn't disagree with you more. I hate mine. HATE it. The build quality is on par with something you'd buy out of the Sears Wishbook for $100 and its super-duper plywood tonewood delivers an exremely brittle and thin sound. Don't get me started on the electronics and hardware. Its nice to look at, but your $1000 can be spent on better things.

How much do they want for the Ibanez? The going price on ebay is under $1000 for ones in fairly decent condition. They are very well built and sounding guitars(most 70's-80's Ibanez are).