today I've purchased a Dunlop Univibe with the UV1 Expression Pedal.
I've read that I need a stereo-guitar-cable to connect the two devices. So, I connected the foot controller with the Univibe by a stereo cable. But it does not work properly. When the Expression Pedal is in the lowes position, the Univibe is deactivated. When I push the pedal a bit the Univibe switches on. Untill now everything works great. BUT, when I now put the expression pedal in several positions the Speed of the univibe effect does NOT change. It always stays the same, and it does not depend on the position of the Expression Pedal. The onliest thing I can do is swicthing the Univibe off by getting back into the lowes position of the Expression Pedal. So at the moment the Foot Controller is just an on/off switch. But thats not, what it is supposed to be. So, what is wrong there? The Univibe can't be broken because without the exp. pedal it changes the speed when I turn the speed knob.
I bought it used and the seller said that I am doing everything right and that he did not have any problems with it. I believe him, because I now him already several months by a forum.
So what could be wrong? Maybe the stereo cable is broken? But thats impossible. Today I bought it new...

Help me please
Not entirely sure but you might need to have the speed knob in a certain position for the foot controller to be effective?
Thats the same I thought, but no, thats not important.

Well i now go to a music store nex to me. Maybe I bought a broken stereo-cable (but thats strange, because there IS a connection between exp. pedal and Univibe)
Am back. Damn, we tasted another stereo cable. But still the same problem. So, its either the Univibe or the Expression Pedal. But how can I find that out? I don't have a second UV1 or UV1FC in my cupboard. The next bigger musicstore, who has univibes is lets say 80km away from me.

Any suggestions how I can find out, whats wrong?


Ok, I found out what was wrong. The plug-in for the expression pedal on the Univibe was not working correctly. I found out, when I was bending the cable cautiously a bit in a certain direction, that the expression pedal made its job.

So, it is fixed now ...
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How much did the Uni Vibe + expression actually cost you? 'coz the reissues are damn pricy, and the older ones....

And what does yours actually sound like, v Hendrixy?
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Quote by R_H_C_P

How much did the Uni Vibe + expression actually cost you? 'coz the reissues are damn pricy, and the older ones....

And what does yours actually sound like, v Hendrixy?

there are many many boutique remakes out there too
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe for something over $400
the Fulltone mini Deja-Vibe for $250 (and they've got the Deja Vibe 2 which has a full expression pedal and more buttons and stuff), they also do stereo versions
the Fox Rox Captain Cocunut 2, which is a full out Jimi in a box (fuzz+octave+univibe), also for $400 though I'm not sure about the availability
the Sweet Tone Mojo Vibe for $270, this one has a bigass speed knob so you can kind of move it around with your foot
the BJF Mint Green Mini Vibe for $450

and the originals are obvisouly going for thousands if you can find one, but I'd really question their reliability these days

To what i see regular Dunlop one is only $200 on musciansfriend, and the expression pedal is another $70