Im really thinking about getting this ovation celebrity electro accoustic.

Im doing music technology as a course at my college next year, and i was wondering how it sounds to record if D.I. it straight into a computer?

Also if i D.I. it into the aux in or slave inputs of my electric guitar amp, and bypass the preamp on the amp, would it sound okay with the ovation? I dont think i have enough money for an electro acoustic and an acoustic amp.

Also, are they worth the 350 price tag? This one i saw at a music store had its action lowered quite alot aparantly, and its really nice to play. Im not sure exactly which model, but it was one with a funny hole pattern instead of the traditional hole in the middle.
well if you want an example of an electro-acoustic jacking straight into the soundcard of a PC with a jack to minithingy converter I can give you a recording i made recently, not the same guitar but it gives the rough quality i suppose. twas on a yamaha apx3 i think, cant remember the model.