Hi there

I am an owner of an unkown type of Aria classical guitar. I recived this guitar as a free gift in excange of an old and rare guitar that you can't play on...
Anyway... I want to know what is the price of my classical guitar and the year it was made. The thing is that a looked at the archives of the Aria guitars and I couldn't find mine.
I gave you some details that I know...:
6 steel chords
20 frets
Made in Japan
Model number: 9460
Medium sized neck

I dunno the other caracteristics that I can put to help... If there is other things, just tell me and I'll try to respond as much as I can.
I agree with you, this is a Dreadnough. I already visited this site, but, looking more carefully the list, you can deduce 2 types of series that could match my guitar. I am hesitating between the Aria PW series or Aria Pro II Acoustic Steel-Stringed Guitars.
If you know more about these two types, could you say which one looks mostly like mine?
Thanks a lot.