Looking to buy a keyboard amp or portable PA system that is loud enough to practice with with a band, and perform medium gigs with. 60-100 watts should do it.

My budget is 400 dollars. Thanks.
hmm, well last i checked roland were making some cube like pa/keyboard amps. behringer has the KMX1200 i think, but usually PA's have to be a lot louder than guitar amp equivs, like a lot of ppl have 1000 watt PA systems who only have 50 - 100 watt gtar amps. Behringer have the Europower series which are popular with a lot of ppl. apart from that obviously yamaha have some but the money will start falling out of ure pockets when u go with them.

component Pa systems - Behringer Euro Power, Yamaha ones

Keyboard/Vocal amps - Roland has some, Behringer KMX1200 (i think it's KMX).
^I'm familiar with the KX1200 and the Roland, I'm looking for other options though.

I hear the Tech 21 Power Engine 60s are good... anyone have any experience with them?

And, my first setup to cut through drums included an 80w PA system with a Digitech RP100. Cut through fine, even had volume left over. It was pretty loud, but the PA system blows total nuts. I hate Kustom. :/ Unreliable and crappy. ><