what is your favorite song?
and uh, note that i mean ur fvrite song: you know how to play it (whatever instrument), memorized lyrics, and you can relate or you can interpret it.....
if that your point then mine would be I Never Told You What I Do For A Living by MCR and i play the lead gtr, duh, i know even to play the rhythm guitar.
i can interpret it - first i read that it talks about 2 dead persons, a man who went to hell and a woman (his gf maybe) who went to heaven; then apparently the man made a deal with the devil that in order for him to be back with his love one who's in heaven, he has to kill a lots of people (1000 from Google - and that's so much babe lol). The man then agreed, but in the last part it says that "he tried, but he lied, and it's better off that way, because he cannot clean the blood off the sheets in his bed". it's much like a betrayal for himself. eheheh