My father works for a contractor, and recently was working on a house where there had been a fire. From the debris he found a guitar in a case. The case was mostly melted, but the guitar on the inside was still in pretty good condition - some blackening on the headstock and a hole near the neck in the body, but it has great tone and playability. The label on the inside says "Seagull Guitars" and the model is a "CW Mahogany." Can anyone tell me about this make? And how much would a guitar like that sell for new?
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im not sure about any of that but seagull guitars are pretty nice.
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Dude consider yourself lucky... Does the top of the headstock say "Artist" on it? If it does then that is a Seagull Artist series Mahogany CW... which is about a 800 dollar guitar... by they seagulls are the best guitars you can get for the price range right now... I have the Portrait CW series... along with many other acoustics.. Takamine, yamaha etc.. the seagull is by far the best. Lucky bastard!