you need a tetenus lol

when your strings start to rust or get that black **** on em
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usually i can just tell because they don't play as well, you can hear and feel that they're going

or just replace them all when you break a string
thanks guys. yeah my strings have been sounding dull and lifeless so i figured my strings needed a changing.
i guess its all personal preferance... some ppl prefer the sound and tone of older strings~ but again, i usually change mine like every 3 weeks... when the strings get corroded or they feel like icky then i change em... at the same time i polish up the guitar
I usually change mine every 6 weeks or so. Sometimes two months, sometimes just one. It just depends on how bad they get. When they get that dull sound I try to change them right away.

To make your stings last a bit longer, wipe them down with a dry cloth after you play. It will take of any grime on them and make them last a few weeks longer.
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I change once a month when the paycheck bounces in... :P That way I always have good strings on.
whenever it feels really bad to rub my finger along the strings, they feel really dirty, and dont keep tune as well, but surprisingly i only change them maybe 2-3 times a year
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I just change mine when they break, cos I'm forever breaking them. I play a bit too hard probably lol.
I once saw a friend's guitar and the strings were covered in rust and he still wouldn't change them for some reason. Something like "can't be bothered."
Best to change them every 6-8 weeks, apparently.
u need to change strings when u feel pain in ur arm, look down and to see that a string has broken and gone halfway through ur arm. Its a proven and effective test.
Once every two weeks or so for me.

They're only like $6, so why not do it often? New strings give a nice sound, so it's worth the little money.
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I've been using the same ones since December 05. :/

your guna change your strings and be all


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I usually keep one set for about 6 - 8 weeks max, but end up changing my high E string every two or three weeks (I do really immense bends to compensate for not having a 24th fret on my SG.) I use .09 GHS Boomers. They get a lot of trash, but I've tried just about every other kind on the mainstream market (Ernie Ball, Dean MArkley, D'Addario, Bluesteel), and GHS seem to work the best. Elixers are just way too expensive for me, so I haven't tried them out except for at the shop on acoustic and on my newest guitar, my Taylor BigBaby (They came with it). They feel great on an acoustic.
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