Just two little lyrics i wrote last night before i went out. leave me a link to your work and i'll crit it, can't promise to be quick, in the process of moving.

Picture Frame

your pictures still hanging up on the wall
everyday your eyes watch me out the door
your smile brightens the rusted halls
but you're heavenly self never graces the floor

my music falls hard upon painted ears
but you keep smiling, watching over me
your forever tanned skin washes away fears
and you're hair falls from your head to the sea...

and in my wanderings around these hollow rooms
nothing ever fazed me or slowed time
except a picture hanging on the wall...
picture of a distant memory and peacefull place...
picture of a far off friendly face...

trapped blue inside a prison of a picture frame
but i suppose, to you everyday is the same
a picture of the grave from the inside
but i dont expect you to see me as the world dies...


gathered round are your family and friends
together in silence to you till the bitter end
an eternity of silence for the woman in the frame
for us, my dear, we all know you'd of done the same...

Just Lucky

the sun hangs heavy on the diner wall
the clocks hammering the days into fall
and the colors turn over a new leaf
just as i was about to leave...

the doorjam holds strong but gives in
the air is crisp and the smiling face
on a pretty lass in a little less than sin
makes me feel at home, finally in place

the homeless man on the bench talks to me
i dont listen to a word cuse all i can see
is a smile on the face of a man who lost it all
on the face of a man with nowhere left to fall

i see broken home misfits playing in the streets
laughter ringing out to the world at our feet
i see single mothers with a sense of pride
and i see my younger self, leaving the world behind...

and the ghosts in this room shake hands
broken bottles sing songs of days long gone
and i wonder, how the hell i went so damn wrong
but ended up here anyway, just lucky I guess?