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I'm never trading in any of my guitars.

same here.

but i still will get new ones...when i feel like i want a new one.
Well it depends. If you're starting out with a cheap POS Squier or something, you'd wait untill you feel you need something more, and the guitar you have doesn't cut it for you anymore. However some people will keep tehre guitars for years and years and never get rid of them for the sentimental value and just beacuse they love the sound of them.
Don't lose your guitars...that's stupid.

Get a new guitar whenever you want to, it doesn't matter.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
I just bought my second, its been about 7 months.
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I've been playing nearly a year now, my guitar teacher (mindless fret monkey) handed me a grade 4 book before my school broke up to learn (i rock!). But anyway i feel my squire doesn give me the tone i want or the feel and warmth i need. I know what something should sound like, when i started i was like "woot thats 8 chords i can play!" but for me now its like a whole world i want to explore changing the tone and style and using all those bends/slides/appregios ect. Im currently looking for a monthly payment option to buying a Fender USA strat or a Gibson Les Paul Classic. but after that i'll probably buy a new one after 4-5 years+.
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uhh... i guess get a new guitar if u need to. for instance, if you slam your guitar on a stage, then... yah, get one. but if the thing's all busted up but you played your most memorable concert with it, buy a new one and hang the old guitar up on a wall with your own signature on it... or somthing.
Just bought my 4th, at nearly 3 years in. sure, my first bass is in bits, but when i get time and funding its being modded. the other 3 are staying (esp. the cort)
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I've given a couple guitars away. I've traded in one. But I get one on average every year and a half or so.
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As long as you can. I regret getting rid of my first guitar. An old neglected and battered up cheap acoustic I found in the basement with 2 strings on it that I fixed up and painted myself with all these psychedelic colors.
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That's as dumb as asking stuff like "How long does it take to drive to another country?"

You keep a guitar as long as you want...
So how am I supposed to take anything you say seriously,
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I never get rid of any of my guitars, actually I regretably sold my modded squeir, I'm looking to buy it back though. The guy I sold it to is such a cheapa** I'll have to pay double what its worth to get it back...
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A lot of acoustics improve with time (well, not the really cheap ones). It's basically because the more it's played, the particles become looser so they resonate better, which is always going to improve your sound.
The more experienced you get and the more you start to develope your own style you will find that you have a decent collection of guitars. You might use one for a certian tone and another for another type of sound. You may also do what a lot of other musicians do and thats have a different guitar for various tunings, so that you don't have to keep tuning and detuning while on stage.

I have held on to mine sort of as a historic mark on my playing career. Seeing that crappy guitar I started on and then looking at how my guitars helps remind me of how I've improved and changed over the years. It will really boil down to how you feel about the guitar you have. You might hold on to one and give away another as it no longer has an appeal to you, and you might find others that even if you don't like you just can't part with.

I think the answer to your question would be. You keep a guitar for as long as it serves some kind of purpose to you, whether it's for playing or just sentimental value, when it no longer has any kind of value to you thats when it's time to part ways.
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i only get rid of the guitars that i buy and they start to not feel right. and i will never get rid of my first guitar. it is worth more to me than any of my other guitars.
^ All so beautiful . erm my guitar wouldnt be worth £2 because it has 3 small chips and a few scratches, and its a squier. My band's biggest gig so far is only 150 people, there abouts. We cant get gigs because the places that accept bands playing you have to be 16+.
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God, I sold two of my babies today. I'm inconsolable. I'm just gonna have to stop buying new guitars cos I cant get rid of anymore.

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I've been playing 9 months and I haven' bought a new Guitar, althoguh for Christmas I want a Encore Les Paul that I've tried numerously in the store on an Marshall MG100DFX amp. I'll play save up my pocket money + paper round money for three months after Christmas, then buy this totally ownage Flying V I tried. Me and my friends are gonna make a band, so it'll do for on stage.
I keep mine until a string breaks, then I just trade in the whole guitar. Changing strings is too much hassle. I normally go through one or two ESPs a month.

Ehh, yeah, for anyone not cottoning on yet, that was actually a big steamy lump of bulls**t

Actually, I've been playing two years, and still on my first axe (plus a cheap acoustic). I want to upgrade to a Jackson RR Js30 or something, sure, but as a 16 year old there's just budget problems. Plus, my £100 Cruiser by Crafter axe doesn't stop me playing better than a load of Epiphone and Westfield players. I have more or less pushed it to the limits, though. I need a shiny new baby (with humbuckers!) soon, especially if any gigs loom.
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for instance, if you slam your guitar on a stage.

i really dont get why people dp that, it annoys me can anyone explain the point??

an ill keep a guitar for as long as i can, if i think it would be worth selling, then i would, but apart from that, id keep a guitar.

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Well...I bought a new acoustic about 3 months ago having had my first for nearly a year but my first acoustic was really quite battered and something like 5th hand so it's tone was kinda dying (still got it though :P).
My electric is a crappy encore because I was told "don't buy a decent guitar in case you give up". Okay, fair enough. But I'm now looking to upgrade as it were. After that...I don't know...I get tempted by basses and guitars so much...:P
ive had my metallic green standard strat since 03. half the time it sits and half the time it gets played (on/off guitar player) til recently when i got serious.

i dont think im ever gonna get rid of it, i love strats. might buy a epiphone les paul sometime in the next year, maybe.
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