Ok well my LTD when i first got it came with GHS strings are some sort and they were horrid, like at the shop they must have had diff strings on it and i took the gtar home and i couldn't understand why the guitar felt so bad.

A couple weeks later i changed the strings to DR Hand mades and man did they feel right, everything about those strings just seem to flow.

I needed to replace my strings recently and had a free pack of GHS strings (oh the irony) so i replaced my strings with those and bamb, feel tinny and annoying again.

Are there any strings that feel similar to the DR's but without that £12 price tag? I need that organic and less tinny feel.
wash your hands before you play and wipe your strings down after you play should help keep them last a bit longer. otherwise use elixirs last a long time but imo sound real trebly when playing the guitar acoustically
it's not how long they last it's how they sound. they just seem really really tinny sounding. the dr's last for eva and have good tone (tho the innotation was a bit off towards the end of their life).
I still love DR HiBeams and Tite-Fits are amazing!
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flatwounds £6.60, Nickel Plated: £3.50 ... are these really what they cracked up to be? can they compare to the DR Handmades? A lot of people seem to recommend them... than again alot of ppl recommend the GHS strings . even ernie balls are betta than the ghs strings imo on my guitar.

maybe i'll load up on some of these D'addarios for a while and get some dr handmades for later when i start jamming with friends (rite now just practicing a heap)
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I love my D'addario's, I use 9's. Never have a rust or sound problem, but then again I change them every two weeks.

i change mine once every 6 months. good ole elixirs
D'addario fo sho.

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I always keep a t shirt next to my guitar so I can wipe off the strings with it.

When you wipe them off they last way longer.

Also turn up the AC in your home. The colder it is the longer they will last.