im planing on custom building an electric guitar and im clueless, i drew up the basic design of what i wanna make, ill post it later when my scanner is fixed. ok so first off wood, how does it affect the sound of the guitar, what are the best and worst kinds to use. i was looking at pickups last night and the Gibson Tony Iommi pickups caught my eye, the reviews say there really good, does any one here have them if so, how are they? i would apriciate and suggestions on any other pickups that are good, i want all the best stuff on this thing since im making it. ok i think that it for now, like i said ill try to post my design later so u guys can tell what u think of it. thanks in advance

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Wood is very important as far as affecting tone. Alder, ash, mahogany, maple, rosewood are widely used to name a few. There's a description of wood types on on warmoth or stewmac that I can't seem to locate right now, maybe someone else will come along with it.
And as far as the Iommi pickups, I haven't played them.
If your going to build a guitar buy a copy of "make your own electric guitar" by melyvn hiscock, it is worth the money. It will answer most questions you will have on building.
ok i think im gonna use mahogany for the body because i want a dark wood for it and i think im going to get emg-81/85 pickups, i heard a sound sample of them and the sound pretty bad ass. my birthday is next sunday and my dad said he would get me the pickups plus he already mixed me a custom green with gold metalic that looks so awsome, and im hopeing to get enough money to buy the mahogany body blank so i can get this thing started. scanner still not working right but ill try the one at my moms house, i should have my design up by sunday or monday.