The jack in my ltd f-500 keeps screwing itself loose and i have to keep tightening the base of it (which i'm sure isn't good for it but it's bloody annoying).

What is the solution for a lose jack? do any of you guys wind the cable through your guitar strap somehow? is there some purpose built invention? does anybody use a really short guitar cable that is fixed to their strap and plugs into their guitar as a way of moving the 1/4inch port to a different place?
Try unscrewing the screws that attatch the jack to the body, and then holding the inside bit and screwing it up really tight with a pair of pliers or something similar. It worked for me.
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open up the back cavity and hold the jack with one hand, then get a wrench and tighten the screw tighter than you usually do. THen try to turn the input jack you're still holding onto. If it turns itself free, then tighten it more. When it puts on a good bit of resistance, then it should hold for a long while.
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If you don't want it to ever move voluntarily again, go get another 1/4" jack. Take the nut off of that jack. Unscrew the nut off of the jack plate of the guitar. Now, take the extra nut from the spare jack and thread it onto the guitar jack. Place the guitar jack back into the jack plate and thread the original bolt down onto it. You should now have a nut on both sides of the jack plate. Go buy some Loctite thread sealer, put some of it onto the jack from both sides and really tourque down on both nuts, turning the inside one counter-clockwise and the outside one clockwise so both clamp down on the jack plate. Let the Loctite dry and reinstall the assembly into your guitar. If the jack comes loose again, stop jumping around like a retard on stage
Hey there. I just got this guitar tool that takes care of loose output jacks without taking apart my guitar. It's called JackTight and it works wonderfully.

Here's a photo:

It doesn't cost much and is way easier then disassembling my guitar. Check it out:

Good luck.
LocTite thread lock is the only real fix that will last. It's cheap easy to do and put's an end to your frustrations. All you do is pop out your jack take off the outside nut put a little drop of thread lock on the threads put nut back on nice and tight let dry and your done. It will come right back off easily with a wrench if need be in the future if you ever need to replace it and it will not wiggle lose. You can buy the stuff at a hardware store or building supply store or an auto supply store just tell the people what you need and they will take you to it and get you the right tube/kind.
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