My Peavey cabinet is blown (don't ask) and I don't want to replace all 4 of the Sheffield's, so I am just going to replace the cheap chinese cone in the pignose 60 watt tuber combo that I use to power it. I haven't been able to find any 12" cones with a 4 ohm impedence though. The lowest seems to be 8 ohm. Does anyone have any recommendations? The stock cone in my cabinet SUCKS hard compared to the once lovely sound of my cab.

Celestions? they aren't CHEAP but not to expensive either

1-12" Special Design Celestion® G12T-100/1897, 4 ohm, 100 Watt Speaker p/n

They are amazingly sound product, I've wellied my home made cab and Fender amp with these speakers up to full 10 with full 10 gain and they don't break, no matter how much I try to break the things under warranty, it just won't!

Fenders replacement number for this speaker part is 0054421000
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If you look at this site


And go to the "Vintage Series" section on the left, and go to the 12" speakers, they have lots where you can choose the impedance. I recommend an AlNiCo one, but they are more pricey and not everyone likes the sounds. I've never actually order from that site, just used it for research and the like. Hope that helped
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Any ideas on where I can pick up one of those 4 ohm Celestions? I can only find them in 8 ohm on the sites I have seen so far.