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I got this idea from one of the threads in the forum, and I was just wondering; how do your parents view (or to what extent are your parents involved in) your music taste?

My parents really like Arch Enemy and Strapping Young Lad. They also appreciate a lot of shred and the like. My dad has been wth me to two Arch Enemy concerts (one of them was the gig from the Live Apocalypse DVD) and my mum and my sister have been with me to one. I also have shown them some Necrophagist solos, which they like as well.

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My dad went with me to see Stratovarius and Hammerfall, and he seemed to like them both.
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my mom really digs Pantera, she always tells me to learn stuff by them
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They ****ing hate it.

Growing up in texas, they are primarily country music people.
my mom hates it. my dad hates it because its new and hes an 80's rocker.
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My parents both hate anything to do with metal.

Iron Maiden scares my mum.
Parents hate it. My dad tolerates it but my mom doesn't.

They don't care that I listen, just as long as they don't have to hear it.
My mom hates it. My dad likes some Metal (Pantera, etc), mainly bands that don't scream and/or "grunt".
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my mam likes enter the machine-arch enemy she likes metallica and slayer's raining blood,
my dad on the other hand...he likes motorhead ac/dc ,megadeth,metallica,iron maiden stuff like that.....and they both hate stuff like children of bodom and ect.

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my mum likes it just not the screaming

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my dad likes it alot. he took me to my first concert...Metallica. He took me to see System of a Down. He also took me to see Korn and Mudvayne. My mom tolerates it. My friends parents seem to like it too. so no my parents never had a problem with it.
My dad likes talk radio and my mom enjoys gospel. What do YOU think they think about metal?
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They ****ing hate it.

Growing up in texas, they are primarily country music people.

**** yeah, my parents only listen country music and hate anything metal.

I must admit, I,ve been disconnected from metal lately and have been listening only to country music. What can I say, the honky tonk kicks ass.
My mom has learned to distinguish between Pantera and Metallica. You gotta start somewhere.

She doesn't care what I listen to, but she hates Eddie and Iron Maiden artwork.
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My dad likes talk radio and my mom enjoys gospel. What do YOU think they think about metal?

Ummm, this is a headscratcher... uhh... They love it so much they're the ones who got you into metal in first place?

My dad likes the standard metallica/megadeth blah, and my mom doesn't like any but both don't care what I listen to.
Both of mine tolerate (most of the time) my listening to it....however they pretty much hate listening to most of it.
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My mom likes Black Label Society and Megadeth.

My dad hates the whole lot of it lol. He's a guitar player (A great one..) and says that some of the guys are good musicians, but he doesn't like it anyway due to the harmonic content or lack thereof. He likes blues, jazz, fusion, country, plays crazy fingerpicking stuff that I'm trying to emulate now. It's thanks to him that I listen to the Dixie Dregs, Eric Johnson, things like that. Lately I'm finding that that stuff is more musical than metal, really. You've just gotta appreciate metal for what it is, aggressive music. You won't find any real chord progressions in alot of metal, that's why my Dad doesn't like it.
My mom likes some Metallica and seems to like Dragonforce because she thinks Z.P. sounds like Steve Perry, and I can kind of see why she says that. My dad just isnt having any of it though.
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My dad likes the classic stuff, like Black Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, etc. I showed him some Dragonforce and he said it wasn't bad. I don't know if he'd like anything with harsh vocals, but he's usually pretty open minded.
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My dad likes talk radio and my mom enjoys gospel. What do YOU think they think about metal?

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My mom's cool with it, she may not like some of it, but she never really listens to the radio or what I play really, unless it's my classic rock and older metal, cause she likes a lot of that, it's just the new stuff. But she doesn't care that I listen to it, she's really giving and supportive really.

It's awesome though, if I play a song in the car a lot, and she snotices, she'll start humming to it or something. I'm just waiting for the day when I'm playing "Still Beneath the Sun", or "To Rid the Disease" and she starts humming to it, that'll be a great day for me....
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ya lucy bastards. THey think metal is a evil music that corrups young minds and turns them into satanics. (oops mom, already turned into a pagan before metal!)
i have to sneak in all melodic death, black and stuff, and they hardly let me by a folk-metal albulm. ITs sucks, most of my music is downloaded. ): i hate this. I can't even go to a concert to kamelot and epica even though they let me buy a kamelot cd becouse they "don't want me in that atmosphere" damn it. i'm 16. Damn it. damn it.

(thanks limewire)

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My dad likes Black Sabbath, but that's about at metal as either of them get. My mom likes "Enter Sandman" ever since I learned how to play it, but that's about it. They don't seem to mind heavier metal though, since I'm always in my room playing along to the stereo loudly and never ask me to turn it down. I remember the first time I learned a song by a band with nonclean vocals (Laid to Rest by Lamb of God.. not metal I know but shut up) and my mom asked me to play along with the cd (she had never heard any bands with metal/harcore vox before). She was quite shocked at the vocals, but at least she didn't burn me at the stake.
My dad really likes Chimaira and bands like pantera.... He saw sepultura in the 80's but he thought that they were a bit too heavy for his taste... He mostly likes bands like greenday and incubus... But he does like metal from time to time... My mom likes things to be a bit more rock influenced... She likes bands like lacuna Coil and shadows fall....

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My parents don't like metal. I was playing the intro riff to Lucretia-Megadeth and he said "Why don't you learn to play an actual song?"...I was so happy because I finally nailed it too...
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My parents don't like metal. I was playing the intro riff to Lucretia-Megadeth and he said "Why don't you learn to play an actual song?"...I was so happy because I finally nailed it too...

on topic though, my parents dont care about the stuff i listen to, but they always say that it rots my brain. Also, they always make fun of the bands I listen to like when they saw me downloading Circle of Dead Children, or when i went to see Slayer.
my mom like journey and my dad likes hair metal although my dad will sometimes listen to maiden

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both my parents are hippys so they don't care what i listen to. however, my madre calls it satan music and prefers taht i don't play it too loud. when i was younger, i got more shi't for it, but now they can't really do anything. i am soon to move out, so it really doesnt matter taht much.

oh, if your parents really care that much, buy a portable cd player with some good headphones. stop your bitching and adapt.
they hate it, but they know that I know alot more about music than they do.
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My mom likes Dragonforce and Maiden.

Like = tolerates.
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My dad doesn't like any of the metal I listen to, not a problem, only stay at his house 2 nights a week. My mum's into thrash metal and NWOBHM so she doesn't mind me listening to any metal music much.
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oh, if your parents really care that much, buy a portable cd player with some good headphones. stop your bitching and adapt.

that's what i do all the time. my parents don't really know what metal is but if they did, they wouldn't like it. all they listen to is christian music and they blast it out loud all the time too.
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My dad and mum dont care, they dont mind the music, my dad always takes the piss out of gore lyrics though
My mum has seemed to like certain Pantera songs are some of the softer songs, but when it comes to Opeth, Necrophagist, she hates the growling.
My dad like certain songs but nothing specific.
Both belief its a fad and that i will grow out of it....
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