I know that many threads have been made all about the Cube vs Vox. This is a tad bit different. It is my birthday so I was going to get a Microcube because of the size and portability. But then I saw that I could get an AD15VT for only about $15 more. I have heard that the speakers are bad in the AD15VT though.

I play anything from acoustic stuff to Metallica and I play with a Epi Les Paul or a Schecter C-1 Classic. I am going to be getting this today so quick answers would be greatly appreciated.

Which amp is going to be better for me?

Which is more reliable?

Any complaints about either of the amps?

How loud does the Microcube go? I only really need it for practice and travel.

Any other tips or info would be greatly appreciated.
From the looks of your rig, you already have a pretty sweet amp, so I'd go with the microcube simply because it's easier to travel with.
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I could always splurge for a Cube 30 used also. I don't really think that I need that much volume though. Is it a lot more versatile than the microcube?
^It'll probably sound better due to the bigger speaker, I'm not sure what different features they have though.
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