okay rite now I'm not the fastest player....but i like to play Iron maiden.....so wat are sum scales and arpreggios that build up speed??
3-note-per-string scales and 6 string sweep arpeggios are what I use. Also try chromatics.
The speed building scale usually works.

Listen... there's no magic scale that automatically gives your fingers 250bhp and gives you a machine gun for a wrist. It doesn't work like that.

If you practice anything, absolutely anything the right way speed just comes with the territory.

Take any scale you like... and play it with a metronome set at a speed where you can hit every single note accurately and with articulation while maintaining awareness of what you're doing, concentration of what you're doing and with a completely relaxed mind and body and the speed will come to you.
Just play chromatics, start slow and gradually build up speed slowly.
Get a metronome also as this will help a bunch!!!
3 Octave Scales, that's what's used for shred i think...google it you can find them online i did
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3 Octave Scales, that's what's used for shred i think...google it you can find them online i did

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