Well, one of my tuning pegs on my ENC36N (please don't laugh ) kinda...cracked, and it's impossible to tune the bottom E string now, and it sucks 'cos it keeps slipping out of tune! Any help guys? I know I'll probably get something like "Buy another one for £10" but I love my crap guitar!

(I posted it here cos I thought you guyswould know more about repairs than the people in the classical/acoustic forum)
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You can buy new tuning pegs without having to buy a new guitar
I think www.stewmac.com sells tuners 1 at a time but they are in the USA so they will charge you a lot for shipping and then there will be customes charges and VAT on top of that. Really, you should just get a whole new set. Schaller M6 tuners are nice and should run about 35 quid at the music shop. If they don't have them in stock see if they can order them.
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I knew I could buy new tuners, but the thing is, how easy are they to put in, and how do I know if they'll fit? :s
They are easy to put in. If they don't fit it is easy to make them fit so don't worry about that either. Just make sure that if your guitar has 6 tuners in a row you get the tuners that are 6 in a row. If your guitar has 3 on 1 side and 3 on the other then you get those ones. 99% of the time whatever new tuners you get will fit.
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Most music shops will charge the same price. I don't know of any online places to buy. I'll be getting about 40 sets in september but right now all I have are the ventage ones and they are the 1% that don't easily fit. If you want I can search thru my stuff and see if I can't find a set I've missed. I'll sell them to you for 30 quid shipping included if I have them, but I don't think I have any. Do you want me to look?
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If the guitar is not staying in tune then then it's not just the button that is broken so replacing it with that probably won't fix your tuning problems.
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I don't mind so much about the tuning, I just meant it was bugging me that I can't drop the E to a D... Sorry if I'm being a pain...
Then the new button might work. I don't know if the one you are looking at will fit your tuners or not. For 3 quid it's probably worth a shot.
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