Hello.. Im new here.. Hope im welcome

Im actually a drummer. But I just got a Korg AX1500g from a friend for dirt cheap. and wanted to put it to use. I have a no name Fat Strat Knockoff (SSH). It plays pretty good. But I think I need an upgrade.

I'm going to the states this April. And I'm thinking of getting a good upgrade guitar from this Strat. My budget would be around $300 ??

Oh and here are pics of my strat : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v404/fweyd/Image043.jpg

I would get an RG570.. but I dont like Floyds .. I prefer an S over an RG anyday IMO. Any guitar around the $300 range where in they dont have floyds?? Oh yeah, I mostly play Metal, Rock, and Lightest would be probably Alternative. But the more Versatile the better. But it will be used more on Metal