I am trying to put a killswitch on my guitar, the way i am going to try to do it is to buy a center off toggle switch. the question i have is where to wire it, i would think it would be right after the input but i could be very wrong. any help would be greatly appreciated
Just put it right after the input jack....Why do you need a kill switch anyways, doing some Buckethead songs?
i suppose that would be easier, but when i ground the middle lug what to i sauder it to?
The wiring will depend on what kind of switch you get. SPST, SPDT or DPDT. Basically use the switch to ground the signal before it gets to the jack.
These go to eleven...
i bought a 2 position toggle with 3 lugs, and also a 3 position with 6. i drilled a larger hole where my bottom tone was to put it there.

the problem i am having is that inside the maine wire that goes into the input, there is another very very small wire that is almost impossible to work with. at first i thought it was nothing but it wouldnt work without attaching that also. do you have any idea of what i am talking about?
The two position is good. what kinda guitar is it? How many volumes, Tones? I beileve the wire you are talking about is two conductor, one insulated wire, one bare.
And they both go to each lug on the jack?
These go to eleven...
strat stlye guitar, do i need to ground any wires, and if so what do i ground them to?
Just ground the middle terminal and take a wire from one of the side terminals to the same place as the hot wire on the jack.
These go to eleven...