Hey, I wasn't sure what section to post this under but I have a question. I recently dropped my Gibson Les Paul and fractured it's head. It's not completely broken off, but is like almost completely disconnected between the head and beginning of the neck. I was wondering if it was at all possible to repair without replacing the entire neck, or even if replacing the entire neck/bridge is even an option. If someone can give me some info on the best course of action to take it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Youch Bad man

I think itt would be possible to fix it...

the guitar technitian where i did my works experience fixed a les paul custom with a similar problem

just find a good tech to do it and it should be ok..

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I wouldn't advise trying to fix it yourself. If you love your guitar enough and have enough money you can send it to gibson to fix it for you. If not, then i'm sure there are other qualified people who you can contact.
can u post a picture?

and they can probably fix it.

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yep another broken one. the headstock is the weakest point of gibsons les paul. and they can fix it they will glue it together but when they re-lacquer your probably your going to be able to see where it broke off. and you can replace the neck on a les paul just not very easily
Im going to wrap my les paul in 10inches of bomb proof armor when i get it.
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Im going to wrap my les paul in 10inches of bomb proof armor when i get it.

just do the headstock since its their weakpoint