Are they good for metal? Is the floyd rose hard to maintain? Also could someone post a website that sells them.
I have a schecter which i love, it has the Original floyd rose so it should be very very reliable and of course the EMG's are great for metal, although the amp is very important as well, mahogany body. Sounds pretty good to me, I wish I had the cash to get one.

798 dollars? Well i guess i found a new dream guitar........
i played one today without the floyd rose, and i was disappointed to say the least. was giving the jackson kelly w/ LFR a workout beforehand, and it just didnt seem to cut it in comparison.

neck didnt seem as fast and it just felt difficult to play (could have been poorly setup, or not at all). tonal versitility was very good however - the 2 humbucker / 5 way switch combo was cool. allows you to split the coils to get a strat-like sound.