Hey everybody. Wrote this last night. I have tons of bits and pieces of songs, but this is only the second one I've ever finished (actually not really sure if it's done or not), so go easy on me. Suggestions/edits about length, order, etc are most certainly welcome...

Road to Nowhere

Verse I
Oh my, where am I going?
I can?t get out of my own head
I?m drowning in a sea of thoughts
Of things that I should have done and said

Chorus I
So here I go down a road to nowhere
I?m running from everything I?ve known
Here I go down a road to nowhwere
I?m gone

Verse II
She told me boy, just come with me
We?ll go for a ride to the edge of your soul
I took her pills and closed my eyes
And realized all the lies she?d told


She disappeared and left me there
To face all the demons eating me whole
Blind and deaf I?m lost in hell
left to freeze out in the cold


Chorus II
Now I?m flying down this road to nowhere
It?s getting dark and it?s a long way home
I?ve lost myself and I just don?t know where
I?ve gone.

Repeat Chorus II

i like it.... but it would sound better to take off "oh my" at the beginning .....it makes it sound like an old hick song or something lol.....well its really good, keep on keepin on!
peace out
Yeah, I was kinda thinkin the same thing, so hearing it from somebody else helps... thanks!!!
don't we all just feel like it sometimes!?

Not bad, but gotto agree with goober. That oh my doesn't fit in with the rest.

Okay, how about this...

At the speed of light, where am I going?

It keeps the meter the same and fits a little bit better, I think. Eh???
At the speed of light. . . i think it'll be too long but if u can find a way to fit it it would be kool. . .with a nice contrast. . .
I liked it....... although there is one part I couldn't help but disliking.

"Of things I should have done and said"

It sounded peculiar to me for most people say it as this "said and done" or maybe it's just me, but I thought I'd tell you.

I still liked it..........
Quote by EstyvioseSequel
At the speed of light. . . i think it'll be too long but if u can find a way to fit it it would be kool. . .with a nice contrast. . .

actually the "oh my" that I originally had there was kind of long and drawn out, so at the speed of light would work pretty well to fill that space...
i liked it until it got to the bridge. i think the bridge is not helping the song out any its going good then the bridge starts talking about demons and hell and junk and people dont like that unless its a death metal song. but other than that i like it everything else is good, keep it up. peace, WOODnotes

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